Haute Couture

Afroricky Organique presents its regenerative fashion


Going against the grain of fast and disposable fashion trends, contemporary fashion brand Afroricky Organique is moving towards sustainability and regenerative fashion. Led by Ricância Agira, the brand based in Mozambique and with an office in Austria, offers a completely new approach to the world of apparel.


What sets Afroricky Organique apart is its deeply rooted philosophy of creating a complete cycle with nature. In short, with regenerative fashion, a garment can be transformed into a new product or provide substrates to feed the soil. “It’s a simple code of conduct in nature, which is to give and receive”, highlights the stylist and brand executive.

At Afrorique Organique, clothes are designed to be biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.

In addition to the use of natural fibres such as cotton, linen, virgin wool and silk, the brand is based on the use of natural dyeing techniques to avoid impacting the environment. In addition, it contributes to the economic development of its community as local suppliers of dye plants and minerals supply the company.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the company adopts “cradle-to-cradle” circularity practices, where at disposal the pieces can return to the soil to nourish the organic cotton fields. This is a vision that transcends simple clothing production; It’s a commitment to the planet, to your community and to your customers.  


As a fashion company, we seek to solve the pollution issue on the garment industry through regenerative products that degrade naturally after five or 10 years, reducing consumer responsibility at the end of the garment's life cycle.

Agira- CEO


Afroricky Organique combines haute couture with contemporary aesthetics Guided by conscious design, the brand is committed to extending the life cycle of clothing and reducing waste. Therefore, the pieces are of limited production, versatile, timeless with tailoring cuts.

In addition to offering “smart casual” products, it uses haute couture elements in its production process with tailor-made garments, customized for individual customers and with manual details and finishes. Generally, these couture pieces are intended for use at special events such as red carpets, galas, and other formal occasions.


In a world where fast fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, Afroricky Organique brings together innovation, ethics and aesthetics. “We don’t just make clothes. We wear and embrace a worldview where respect for nature and humanity is fundamental,” she concludes.

Regenerative fashion goes beyond traditional sustainability

Aligned with the concepts of circular, zero waste and regenerative fashion, Afroricky Organique offers versatile and reusable garments. The brand creates multi-purpose items, such as a skirt that can be transformed into a pillow cover. In addition, Afroricky Organique uses the upcycling technique, where old pieces are reconstructed and transformed into new accessories.


Regenerative fashion goes beyond traditional sustainability, focusing not just on minimizing damage, but on restoring and revitalizing ecosystems. Afroricky Organique incorporates this approach into its processes, seeking ways to return to nature more than is taken.

The company’s executive highlights the importance of going beyond the simple recycling of parts. “The idea is to manipulate time, prolonging the use of the products and avoiding disposal and pollution,” explains Agira. She emphasizes that extending the life of garments and adopting regenerative practices are essential to reduce environmental impact and promote fashion that not only sustains but also regenerates the environment.