Our Community

AfroRicky Organique’s journey towards regenerative fashion embodies the ethos of ‘The Triple Bottom Line,’ emphasizing environmental protection, economic growth, and social equity. Ricky, the founder, envisions a process where regenerative cotton cultivation, intertwined with food production, spinning, weaving, and natural dyeing, involves local communities in Mozambique at every stage. This inclusive approach ensures that the project not only benefits the environment but also uplifts the lives of community members.

Situated in the Inharrime District of Inhambane province, fondly known as ‘Terra de boa gente’ (the land of good people), the project area encompasses Chacane, Goguza, Coche, and Calangane. Here, the population of approximately 15,674 individuals relies predominantly on agriculture, livestock rearing, fishing, and stone extraction for their livelihoods. Additionally, the traditional craft of palm straw beverage production, or “wutxema,” adds to the local economy.

In alignment with our commitment to sustainable development, AfroRicky Organique prioritizes community support in Inharrime. Beyond regenerative agriculture, our holistic approach includes initiatives for literacy education, healthcare access, and vocational training. By equipping community members with essential skills and knowledge, we aim to empower them for self-employment and active participation in the local labour market, fostering sustainable livelihoods and overall community well-being.